A Website Template System for Posting Course Materials
Campus Post It currently has two types of software platforms:
We offer a platform for online course delivery - click here!

We also have a platform that makes it easy for instructors to create course websites:

Campus Post It allows instructors to create course websites. Your course website can be either publicly available to any Internet visitor, or you can make your site private (password-protected), allowing only those students you select to view your course website.

You can easily upload (from anywhere) course-related materials to your site (any type of file will work), and students (and guardians) can download and view the files immediately from anywhere that there is an Internet connection.  Examples of course-related material include: messages, textbook links, notes, assignments, projects, homework, exams, and grades.  In addition, you can update your instructor homepage (change your contact information or upload a photo), all at the click of a mouse and NO PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE IS REQUIRED! Download the user (teacher) manual.

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