We currently offer online training in several areas related to finance.  Click here for a product tour.

Click here for information about our online Equity Options course.

Our online courses offer a viable solution to the training needs of a small group or the opportunity to augment an existing training program.  Additionally, we customize our online platform to depict your company logo. 

We offer choices for your license based on the following options:

To complete the course, a course participant must finish every one of the modules in sequence.  In order to complete a module, the participant must pass, with a 70%, the short quiz at the end of that module.   If the participant fails to pass the quiz, he or she cannot advance to the next module.   However, participants can take the quiz again, and again, if necessary.  Each time the quiz is taken, the questions will be different, though there will be some overlap.

Until a license expires, the participant can always go back and review material that was completed. 

Only after participants have completed all of the modules (by passing the quizzes at the end of each module) for the course will a certificate of completion be issued.  It will be issued in the name of the licensed user (this information will be entered when a user logs into the course for the first time to set up a profile).  You, the course administrator, will be notified when each course participant has completed the course successfully.  We can also provide a complete score report for each participant. 

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